11 April 2013


...my HP printer/scanner just made the Donezo List.

After about nine months without printing anything, it awoke from its slumber today and printed a test page. It look awful. Like a newborn printer's finger painting or the inevitable aftermath of eating at Applebee's splattered across a parking lot.

I thought: "Hey, my printer finally prints again! Rejoice!"

So I decided to scan some cards that came in the mail recently.

Crash. Lock-up.

"Okay, maybe that was a fluke."

I turned it off, unplugged the USB cable. Replugged the USB cable. Turned it back on.

Flashing "E" indicating error. Welp. Guess it's not printing again.

Let's try some more scan.

Crash. Lock-up.

Roll over, die.

Sunrise, sunset.

The HP printer/scanner is dead.

What this means:

Obviously, the lack of a proper scanner can really stick in a card blogger's craw.

In truth, I've wanted to pull the plug on this pile of puke for a while. An excuse to scrap it and start anew. But I didn't plan this untimely death. There are daunting piles of cards to be scanned. I was going to catch up tonight with no Blue Jays game going on.

So, the scans will have to wait. Likely for a while. I just don't want to put any money down toward a scanner right now. Like, at all.

I have a card show coming up, Sunday.

I have to pay my dues for the 2013 baseball league that I am in. Not to mention buying new gear - my team this year is orange, and my blue catcher's gear won't match.

I've been wanting to buy a box of cards for a while.

And really,  I would hate to patronize Hewlett-Packard ever again, but since they offer the most affordable printer/scanner combos out there.


I'm still going to blog, dammit. I'll just have to get a bit more creative. I'd like to avoid high-resolution photos of new cards, but we'll see.

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