23 September 2012

Where is Carlos?!

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This is a young, strapping Carlos Delgado. Look at that handsome smile. It's a beautiful sunny day. Carlos has his catcher gear, his team-provided equipment, and a major-league debut under his belt.

It's 1994, the big Club just won another World Series, and Carlos is about to embark on his first Spring Training invite, 39 games in the 'Bigs in the coming year, splitting time at Triple-A Syracuse Chiefs in front of the bright eyes of an 8-year old little league catcher, having the time of his life at MacArthur Stadium along the train tracks in Syracuse, New York.

But...Carlos is lost. This isn't the familiar turf of Toronto's Skydome. Nor the wrinkled, sea-foam carpet loosely piled edge-over-edge at MacArthur Stadium.

No, something is amiss. There's no scoreboard. No cut-out basepaths or hot dog vendors or anyone else in sight.

There's a barn. A hedgerow.

Carlos doesn't care. Carlos is happy. He loves baseball, and that is all he needs at this time.

But seriously...where is Carlos?

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  1. Spring Training? Puerto Rico? The Field of Dreams? :-)