The Puma Box

This is a work in progress, bear with me. If you've got a nice card to send, send an email first so I don't end up hoarding all the Jays. 

What I collect:

Hardball Players:


Marcus Stroman
Rowdy Tellez
Anthony Alford
Troy Tulowitzki

Francisco Lindor - I want every Francisco Lindor card, ever. I just cannot afford any of them, even the mid-range ones. My collection is growing, but always accepting new Lindores. 


Carlos Delgado* Blue Jays, Marlins, Mets
Ken Griffey, Jr.* Mariners, White Sox, Reds
Roberto Alomar* Blue Jays, Padres, Indians, Diamondbacks, White Sox, Orioles
Pudge Rodriguez* Marlins, Nationals, Rangers, Tigers. No Yankees. 

JP Arencibia. As much as it pains me to put his name in here, JP announced his retirement in the winter of 2017. He gave a valiant effort, and I'll remain a collector. 

*Any 90's or 00's insert, parallel or relic. There are so many cards of each of them that it is impossible to get them all. But I can sure as hell try. The teams listed after the names are the teams I prefer to see them with. Some make me sad, like the year Pudge spent with the Yankees. Lest we forget.


Jose Bautista - Anything I can get. I thank you for stuffing trade envelopes with Joey Bats base cards.
Bryce Harper - Anything. 
Daniel Norris - Comprehensive
Aaron Sanchez - Whatever I can get.  
Shawn Green - Anything Blue Jays. Similar to Pudge/Delgado/Griffey/Alomar collections, just not as robust.


Nazem Kadri

Zach Parise
Jason Zucker

Sebastian Aho

Catchers in Gear
Minor League Merchandise and Memorabilia
Team USA

Team Netherlands

World Baseball Classic - More obscure the better.
Baseball players doing non-baseball things
Cards with all-dirt background
Catchers being awesome

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